Security, Quality, Efficiency

Security, Quality, Efficiency

Security Audit

Our Security Audit and network optimization services enable our customers to understand how well their IT and Security teams are protecting their IT assets. These services also fix detected vulnerabilities, monitor risks, and manage the equipment in the customer’s video and VoIP infrastructure. 


“All good CIOs know they don't know everything”

Chris Braver, Executive VP Venn Conferencing


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Resilience Test

Armed with a comprehensive database of cyber threats, our team tests our customers’ defenses by launching a penetration test consisting of a multitude of controlled attacks aimed at their video and VoIP infrastructure. This service helps our customers to:

  • Expose vulnerabilities in their video and VoIP infrastructures
  • Understand real threats in order to design appropriate security protocols


Security Policy & Procedure review and redesign

Our Security Policy & Procedure Review is the most comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of a company’s video and VoIP infrastructure. We review log files from network devices carrying video and VoIP data such as SBCs, VCS, Firewalls, Gateways, and routers. Also, we analyze written policies and procedures and test for compliance.

Together with the Resilience Test, the Security Policy & Procedure Review enables us to provide recommendations for a partial or complete infrastructure redesign that will minimize the security risks associated with a company’s video and VoIP infrastructure. Additionally, these two services can be performed periodically to guarantee ongoing compliance with the designed security profile.


Video & VoIP Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Venn Conferencing will monitor each customer’s video and VoIP infrastructure equipment and network performance to detect potential security threats in real time. This allows the customer and our security engineers to see instantaneously how the network is performing, when and how it is being attacked, and how well the protections are defending against those attacks.

Also, customers can opt to have their network vulnerabilities corrected in real time by our team of security engineers. These services include:

  • Firewall monitoring and management
  • Configuration of the latest security technologies and software


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