Security, Quality, Efficiency

Security, Quality, Efficiency

Secure Connect

Venn Conferencing’s infrastructure enables us to provide a full slate of network security services, direct traffic routing to any telecom carrier in the world, and secure collocation services -- all while maintaining an industry-leading security profile.

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Carrier Cross Connect

Our infrastructure provides a secure physical connection between our customers and any telecommunication carrier network. This enables our customers to:

  • Make secure, direct, carrier-to-carrier connections
  • Ensure quality and security by using Venn’s multiple firewalls to provide protection from public and private network connections
  • Utilize our partners’ MSP services for management, bridging, and VNOC services

Your company may use this infrastructure simply by adding a single access to our platform and without the need capex or security experts.

Secure Collocation

Venn provides our customers with Hosting and Management services for video and VoIP infrastructure equipment. We place our customers’ critical assets inside our secure physical location which gives them the flexibility of owning their conferencing equipment without having to invest in the specialized skills required to operate, monitor, and maintain them.

Collocation at our data center gives our customers the benefits of:

  • Low network costs
  • The ability to connect globally to any telecom carrier
  • The peace of mind of utilizing Venn’s proprietary security infrastructure
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Additional Services

Network Performance Evaluation

Venn’s security engineers can perform a comprehensive test of our customer’s video and VoIP network performance. This evaluation allows our customers to:

  • Discover firewall, router, and switch interference
  • Determine network suitability for video & VoIP traffic
  • Understand what is needed to upgrade a video network to get the best performance

Optimized Network Design

After conducting a Network Performance Evaluation, our engineers can redesign your network to optimize the ingress and egress of video and VoIP traffic into your company’s network.


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