Is my telecom system a vulnerability?

Yes. Any network appliance that touches the internet is a jumping off point for a cyber attack.

How long until Venn can begin a complete IT security audit of my video & VoIP systems?

Once we have customer approval we can begin the network scan within 1 week.

Can Venn Conferencing 100% guarantee the security of my systems after purchasing

No IT security company can guarantee protection from all cyber attacks. However, Venn can guarantee that your systems will be updated to the best industry standards possible.

I have tools for IT security penetration testing, but how do I know if I have the right tools?

Because Venn is on the forefront of telecom security we use the most current penetration testing tools to detect constantly evolving threats.

What is the best way to monitor my video and VoIP firewalls and block cyber attacks?

You can invest in the proper software, hire the smartest security engineers in the industry, or you can hire Venn! We own the software that monitors your hardware and we have experts in video and VoIP security.

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